Innovation is a challenge and self-disruption is against the basic principles of a corporation.

Wavebreakr exists to help support the efforts of business transformation.

  • Leading and supporting as needed the entire innovation process from big ideas to delivery roadmaps
  • Using experience from customer insights, product development, programme management, consultancy process and start-ups
  • Leveraging both existing and emerging technologies

Successful innovation is a business-lead activity, i.e. looking at process change before technology, otherwise ’old things done a new way = expensive old things’.


The only constant is the increasing rate of change.

  • Most business leaders have a day job
  • ‘Innovation labs’ often sit in the technology, not business space
  • Innovation is a science not an art – a controlled process
  • Harnessing both internal thinking AND external capabilities
  • Stepping through this process may require skills and resources not currently in your team

Standing still is not an option, we can help by providing tools, processes and resources to help at every stage of a change process.




The discovery process starts with exploring your business ambition.

Which goals will be measured and what outcomes deemed a success? and what are the key parameters of scope including any untouchable areas?

This discovery step determines what is required next, including;

  • Initial capture and playback of the company’s innovation goals
  • Opportunities exploration with structured stakeholder interviews and workshops
  • Concept development, workflow mapping and productisation
  • User stories and user journeys as needed for development
  • Business modelling scenarios and outcomes
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When watching surfers try to spot the next big wave and then catch it for a ride, some waves seemed promising but then peter out to nothing, others stood up taller and rolled forward giving the surfers the momentum and acceleration they desired.

This is an analogy of the innovation space, for both enterprise clients wanting to surf and emerging tech start-ups wanting to become the next wave of production level business capability.

Wavebreakr therefore to help corporates grasp new opportunities and match them with external, often start-up, businesses to help accelerate their innovation exploration and adoption process.

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Stuart Evans

Founder - Wavebreakr

A troubled soul, never happy with status quo, always seeking new ways to do things better. Learned the need for continual improvement working at corporates incl British Airways, Hertz and The AA.

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‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift which is called the present.’

Do get in touch and ask for an initial conversation and please be ready to answer our qualification questions in that first contact including;

  • What are your goals?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Which emerging technologies are you already working with or interested in including blockchain, AI, IOT etc.?
  • Why is this therefore a completely new project or it adds to an existing workstream?
  • How much support does this project have in your business?
  • Is there a budget allocated and a timeline established for any key milestones?